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Nutrition Services

Good nutrition is important if you have cancer. Eating well can help you maintain a healthy weight, keep up your strength and energy, tolerate treatment, heal and recover, and lower your risk of infection. You may experience challenges with your diet due to decreased appetite, nausea, difficulty swallowing or other problems. Even if you are not having problems eating, you may have questions about nutrition and cancer.

The nutrition needs and challenges that each cancer patient has varies. Talking to the registered dietitian at the cancer center can help you understand ways to eat well before, during and after cancer treatment. Services include nutrition assessment, diet education and nutrition counseling.

You can schedule an appointment with the cancer center dietitian by calling the Coleman Image Renewal Center in the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center at (708) 327-2277. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. In some cases the dietitian may be able to see you during an appointment with your doctor at the cancer center or during chemotherapy treatment in the day hospital.

Nutrition services by the cancer center dietitian for cancer patients seen at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center are free of charge.